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"We cannot thank you enough. Although we knew the video would be safe in your hands we really didn't appreciate how personal and detailed the featurette would be. Honestly the word featurette belittles what you have done here, no-one could consider this video a snap shot of our day it has encapsulated every special moment and we are so thrilled with the result. We cannot recommend you highly enough."

-Vicky & Jack

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What I Offer

I offer three main types of videos, either individually or in combination packages:

"The Thank-You Note"

(30 Secs)

A Short and sweet super-cut of the golden moments from your day. Delivered next-day and a perfect way to tag all of your guests on social media

"The Highlight Reel"

(5-7 Mins)

A beautifully detailed selection of the highlights of your day, great for sharing online.

"The Featurette"

(15-20 Mins)

A longer, more in-depth film to really enjoy the finer details from the day

For More examples of all my work, please visit my Facebook Page:

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We are so grateful to Johna for the beautiful wedding video he produced for us. No detail was missed, and he captured  all our guests relaxed and having fun, without making anyone feel conscious or camera shy. He went above and beyond, especially in adding variations of the music from the ceremony, which I thought was a very thoughtful touch. Johna is a fantastic, personable videographer, and thanks to him we have such a wonderful memory of our day to look back on. 

- Tegan & Ben

About Me

A Bit About Me...

             I've filmed many different things for many different people: promo videos, theatre shows, commercials, events, trailers, corporate seminars, short films... but there's something about filming a wedding that's different to any other job.

             It's not about selling something, raising profiles or making money, it's a day that's entirely dedicated to the connection between two personalities. Everything from the clothes that are worn to the place where it's held, and the music that's heard to the food that's eaten is chosen specifically to show how much two people care about each other, and that's far more exciting to film, and I think it deserves to be captured well.

           I've filmed weddings for several years now, both solo and for larger companies, and the benefit of having a "Cinematic" background when it comes to video work means not just getting good looking shots, but focusing on the narrative of your day. With every wedding there's a story being told, and each one, like yours, is different from all others.  That's why before I film any wedding day, I like to get to know the couple, how they met, what adventures they've been on, who makes whom do most of the washing up at home? all the important life stuff.

With that in mind, it's only fair you know a bit more about me, here are a few carefully chosen facts:

  • I'm also a professional actor (No you probably haven't seen me in anything, unless you remember that one episode of Emmerdale with the creepy guy in Bernice's salon back in 2016)

  • I own a pet hamster called Clive

  • In my opinion, Back to the Future is the greatest film ever made

  • I have been known to walk several miles for a tub of Ben and Jerry's (Phish Food if you must know, but will also accept Half Baked)

  • I am a quadruplet (No we're not identical, 3 boys one girl, 3lb 5oz)

There you go, now I'd love to get to know you guys.  Please get in touch and lets talk about plans for your wedding day!

Thanks for visiting,

Johna Ash
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